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Principal’s Corner - October 10, 2014 
Hello Aquarian Families,

With the end of the first quarter fast approaching and another successful Aquarian school year in progress, we wanted to take a few moments to give you a quick update and send a reminder to our community about what it means to be a charter school.

As a charter school, in addition to our students, parents, and principal; our school’s success can be directly attributed to the three independent yet inter-connected bodies that work hard and are dedicated to our students.These three bodies are the Aquarian teaching staff, the Aquarian Academic Policy Committee (APC) and the Aquarian Parent Teacher Organization (PTO.)

The Aquarian teaching staff is a highly qualified, dedicated group of individuals that strive to provide each child and family with an individualized educational experience in a warm, welcoming environment. Our teaching staff is at the heart of our amazing school. 

The APC is the primary governing body of the school. This board has the responsibility and ultimate authority to make decisions in regards to the school's budget, policies, and curriculum. The board consists of eleven members; including parents, teachers, teaching assistants and the principal. Annual elections are held each February to fill board positions. The APC works very closely with and oversees the school's principal. The APC delegates the school’s day-to-day management, financial record keeping, and supervision of all staff to the principal.

The PTO coordinates school events, conducts the school's fundraisers and supports the school’s program through various volunteer efforts.  The PTO is a separate, not-for-profit entity from the school. The PTO coordinates its activities with the APC and teaching staff to complement the school’s mission.  

If you are new to our school or were unfamiliar with what it actually means to be a public charter school please take a look at our school's charter posted on our school website at 
Additional information on both the APC and PTO, including their bylaws, board members, agendas, and minutes be found using the links on our school website.

For many years our school's APC, PTO and teaching staff have been working to maintain our program's integrity while facing financial uncertainty. Fortunately, legislative changes made to state charter school laws during the 2014 legislative session have, for the first time in many years, made our school financially stable. As a result, this year the APC, with the help of the teaching staff and PTO, will be making decisions in regards to curriculum material upgrades and will begin exploring different possibilities for potentially acquiring a new school building.  

To guide these bodies in their effort to make decisions that reflect our community's wants and needs, a survey will be coming out in mid November. We ask that you please watch for and take the time to fill out the survey. We would really appreciate your input!

Thank you,
Aquarian, Teacher Representative, Monica Severson
Aquarian, Parent Teacher Organization, President, Shareen Crosby
Aquarian, Academic Policy Committee, Chair,  Mary Goolie

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